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Curatin wall reprezents a particular category of extern walls, non bearing, made from modular elements, manufactured in workroom and mounted on dockyard. Those carry out all functions of separation between interior and exterior, especial those of protection against extern factors, of termical and acoustic izolation, of lighting control and natural ventilation

Technics of execution and montage for curtain walls evoluate from primary sistem of windows coupled and sustained by perimetrical frame, taking care of sofisticated sistems today, who combines a variety of materials and includes a high technology

Basic principles for construction and realization for a curtain front-side has made no modification. It's about sistem development and the best definition due new criteria of projection.

The comportament of front-side is very complicated. We discuss about "a whole" made from components with distinct forms, materials, functions, with distinct characteristics.

The most seriously problems what appear in execution for a curtain wall are those bounded by water infiltrations and broken windows. Although it have been made big steps in identifications and isolation for the causes that determinate those defects, we encounter even today, in a big procent. From these results the major importance that must be offer to chose right elements who compose the front-side ansamble.

Because of experience and knowledge accumulated, it is essential to consult front-side constructors as far back as project level. Infourtunately, sometimes in acquisition process the lowest price seems to be most important. It is a precarious criteria that most time is very damaging.

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Transparent rooves that use natural light guarantee a real protection against athmosferic agents and are known like "skylights", are used for buildings that are destinated for office, banks, comercial and sportive centers, particular residence, Today, are use constructive specific sistems and windows more and more sofisticated in order to realize inclined front-side and skylights, that can response at more constructive exigents and haves a good behaviour in time.

This fact is very important because in climaterics condition control from boundary spaces of high buildings , the roof play a very important role, and it is not posible to interpose to change termical sistems or conditional air.

There are special problems when the profesionists and technicians are face to face in the proiect stage. to avoid the latest modifications , not realy efficient but also expensive, ALUMINIUM PROMOTION gives necessary assistance by interposing in initial stage, with all modifications that must be done.

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